Buff Monster: Happy Pink Explosion Print (Signed by the Artist)

£40.00 £100.00

This giclee print on 255 gm Somerset velvet enhanced paper using 75 Epsom inks is signed by the artist Buff Monster. The limited edition print was exclusively produced for the Art from the New World Exhibition at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in 2010.

Buff Monster is an American painter who you may recognise from Banksy’s documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop. Buff Monster started over 15 years ago as a street artist and has become a hugely in demand designer for many famous brands. Kids who grew up in the 80s and early 90s will instantly look at Buff Monster's work and remember the Garbage Pail Kids sticker packs (remember the gum?!)  If you're after an internationally popular modern artist then meet Buff Monster!