Millerds Bristol Map 1673

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Cloth map with slipcase of Millerd's 1673 'Exact Delineation of the Famous Citty of Bristoll and the suburbs thereof which' is the first detailed map of Bristol. This view focuses on the South prospect of the city, in particular the River Avon and Frome. At this time Bristol was a thriving trading port. Millerd shows the waterway at the heart of the fast-expanding city. There is much activity on the water, from the ocean-going vessels to local ferries transporting traders and even livestock on the east side of Bristol bridge, which at this time was also the foundation for houses.

Please note that the colour of the slipcase may vary.

Available in the following sizes:

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The original map is on display at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in the Balcony Gallery on the lower first floor.

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