Ad Astra: An Illustrated Guide to Leaving the Planet

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Need some space? 

For almost all human history we’ve been firmly rooted to the Earth. And, sure, it's got some good things going for it but what if you want to get off?
Whether you've got itchy feet and need a bit of a break, or you’re looking for a complete change of scene, this book has all the information you'll need to leave, with  expert advice from the men and woman who can actually make it happen. 
As well as being a deeply impractical guide to getting off the planet, this is an eclectic and beautifully illustrated mix-tape of space travel stories – both real and imagined.

From the migrating lunar geese that flew us to the moon in the 1600’s, to Elon Musk’s wild plan to get humans to Mars en masse in the future; from the history of early rocket science to the Soviet tortoises that secretly won the space race.
A collection for anyone who has looked up in wonder at the stars... And then wondered how to get there.

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