Bristol Museum & Art Gallery *accessible time slot tickets

♿ Accessible Time Slot Tickets

👇 Please read booking instructions below

Please select the date and time you wish to visit and how many tickets you would like to book

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery has reopened!😊 All visitors must pre-book tickets for their visit.

Priority hours are available every Wednesday between 10am - 12pm. You can arrive at any time during these two hours.

Who is the accessible time slot for?

✔ Disabled adults and their carers / family members.
✔ Adults who have been shielding during lockdown and would prefer to visit when there are fewer visitors.
✔ Older people (65+)

People within these categories are free to visit at any time but may feel more comfortable visiting during this time slot as there will be fewer visitors in the museum.

If you decide to book a priority time slot ticket, you can arrive at any time between 10am and 12pm. Priority visitors are welcome to stay beyond 12pm but the museum will be open to the general public after that time.

We will be monitoring the popularity of these time slots and may adjust the frequency of them accordingly.

Children with special educational needs are welcome to visit at any time outside these hours. Please give us a call so we can discuss your needs and advise when the museum is likely to be quieter.

Priority visitors can book online or call to pre-book on 0117 352 6600. If you have any questions about Priority hours, please do give us a call.