Grayson's Art Club: The Exhibition Book Volume I

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During lockdown, Grayson Perry, one of Britain's foremost artists, brought the nation together through art, helping them to unleash their creativity as part of his Channel 4 TV series made by Swan Films.

Every week he hosted the show from his own studio, taking the country with him as he created his own new art works. Grayson and his wife Philippa talked to other famous artists and creatives about how they were spending their time in isolation and invited them to make their own works in response to this unprecedented crisis. Each week a different theme - portraits, animals, fantasy, view from my window, home, Britain - was explored.

A key element of the series was Grayson asking members of the public to send him their own art works which they had been making at home, talking to them via video calls and choosing his favourite artworks. He received nearly 10,000 entries, an overwhelming response to his call out. The variety of entries - using canvas, paper, photography, sculpture and mixed media - showed the imagination, skill and creativity of the nation.

These works, displayed at Manchester Art Gallery alongside those of Grayson Perry, Philippa Perry and the invited artists and celebrities are collected here, capturing this strange and seminal moment.

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