I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

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This book is my story about growing up in a Black girl's body.' From a leading voice on racial justice, an eye-opening account of growing up Black, Christian and female that exposes how white America's love affair with 'diversity' so often falls short of its ideals.

Austin Channing Brown's first encounter with a racialised America came at age seven, when she discovered her parents named her Austin to deceive future employers into thinking she was a white man. Growing up in majority-white schools and churches, Austin writes, 'I had to learn what it means to love Blackness,' a journey that led to a lifetime spent navigating America's racial divide as a writer, speaker and expert helping organisations practice genuine inclusion.

In a time when nearly every institution (schools, churches, universities, businesses) claims to value diversity in its mission statement, Austin writes in breathtaking detail about her journey to self-worth and the pitfalls that kill our attempts at racial justice. Her stories bear witness to the complexity of America's social fabric and invite the reader to confront apathy, recognise God's ongoing work in the world and discover how Blackness-if we let it-can save us all.

  • New York Times Bestseller
  • ISBN 9780349014876 

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