Geological Sites of the Bristol Region

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An accessible introduction to the geology of the region, including the work of many local experts.

The Avon area is highly regarded as one of the more complex geological areas of the country and also contains such iconic sites as the Avon Gorge. The book aims to promote the gathered records that underpin the designation of RIGS. The book is a not a ‘geology book’ per se and doesn’t attempt to be exhaustive, however, it aims to showcase some of the RIGS themselves alongside the people and organisations involved in their conservation. There are several chapters
dedicated to the history of geology and geomorphology in our area and important figures such as William Smith.

The main part of the book is about the sites and modern interpretation of the geological and geomorphological features. Each site’s account includes location and geological maps as well as site descriptions and photographs. There is colour throughout with photographs, graphics and artworks. The book is interspersed with ‘box topics’ of general interest.

  • ISBN: 9780954523534

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