Butterflies of the Bristol Region

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The Butterflies of the Bristol Region summarises the occurrence of over 50 species of buttterfly that have been recorded over the last 150 years and more, within the area formerly known as the County of Avon. Maps and diagrams illustrate the extent and occurrence of species over twelve years, thanks to the Avon Butterfly Project.

The text highlights the worrying decline in many species at the end of the 20th century. The loss of fritillary butterflies, blue butterflies and their respective habitats has been dramatic, their ecology and conservation is discussed.

Despite the parlous state of some species, The Butterflies of the Bristol Region guides the butterfly watcher to sites where it is possible to find the approximately 40 different species that occur. This includes sites within, and close to, the major cities of Bristol and Bath.

ISBN: 0954523504

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